Monday, August 9, 2010

Midtown Review: SHOUT's All You Can Eat Sushi Lunch

Monday, August 9, 2010

To start off, there aren't going to be too many people happy with this review. Let's just say if you could possibly eat $10 worth of soup, I did.
I ventured to SHOUT for their $10 all you can eat sushi lunch. I had been looking forward to lunch all day since sushi is my favorite meal of all time. When you walk into SHOUT, the all you can eat sushi is in the very back of the restaurant! I have never been inside before, but I kept walking and walking to the backroom and finally it came (after venturing through a few others dining areas). This place is huge!

I have always been a little weary of places that have sushi along with pizza and pasta on their menu. This kind of weirds me out. I would rather go to a sushi restaurant that specializes in only sushi. But I decided to give it a chance, I mean they do have a completely seperate back room just for sushi so it seemed legit. First off, the all you can eat sushi only consists of about 6-7 selected rolls and each roll consists of 4 pieces of sushi. We got our soup and salad first which was really good! I then ordered the Spicy Chicken Roll (yes as a personal sushi lover myself, this is not something I would normally order since it technically is not realllly sushi, but I gave it a try anyways). It was pretty much just finely chopped up chicken mixed with spicy mayo and then DRENCHED in teriyaki sauce. Pretty much both the Spicy Chicken Roll and the Crunchee Roll (fried shrimp, avocado, cucumber, mayo, shrimp, and teriyaki "glaze") were soaked in teriyaki sauce. I wasn't a big fan. As you can see in the picture, there was so much sauce that the rolls were sitting in a little soup of sauce and the rice became almost like a mush. I also ordered the Spicy Tuna roll but it wasn't up to par either. Just basic. Not too much flavor at all.

I guess I can't really complain though. I mean it is $10 for all you can eat sushi. I couldn't have honestly expected anything much better. But personally, it was a waste of $10. I ended up ordering a few cups of soup and eating that the whole time since I just couldn't make myself eat the mushy rice and bland spicy tuna roll. I did eat the a piece of the fried shrimp out of the Crunchee Roll and that was alright (had to throw a positive note in here somewhere)! So overall, I wouldnt recommend SHOUT for their sushi lunch special. I can't say I don't recommend SHOUT as a whole because the rest of their menu might be pretty good (that's my next venture). But for the sushi lunch, waste of money and time. I would rather have payed a couple dollars more and gone to an actual sushi restaurant and eaten a couple bigger rolls.

But if you really like miso soup, then I highly recommend SHOUT for lunch. Because I certainly filled myself up on miso soup today for only $10.



I didn't think it could possibly be true, but here it is plain as day ... you have deleted comments to your blog posting. How can that be? Is it possible that you don't want anyone to disagree with your assessment? Wow! That's shocking. I'm going to guess this gets deleted too!

Midtown Mile

I haven't deleted anything from this site! I'm not sure what comment you are refering to but you are more than welcome to repost! I'm open to everyone's opinions!

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