Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Atlanta: The L Word

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I have been working on this post for a few weeks now... and am just now ready to say the L word. I am so blessed to live in an amazing condominium in the heart of Midtown Atlanta and slowly but surely, I have fallen in love with the city of Atlanta.
It started off slow, our relationship was, let's say, slightly awkward friends at first. I grew up outside of Atlanta in the suburb of Marietta. Through high school, I would have some "run-ins" with Atlanta whether it was an awkward high school date at an "On The Bricks" concert at Centennial Park or a Braves game with some girlfriends from school. I always loved Atlanta, not for the city itself, but for the experiences the city brought to me...concerts, games, playoffs, Olympics, etc. It wasn't till I was blessed enough to live in this city that the awkward friendship turned into something more promising.
I always thought I could live outside of Atlanta. People always asked me "Where do you see yourself working and living one day?" I would always say "I don't know... maybe Nashville, or I have always wanted to go out West..." but Atlanta wasn't in my horizon. I found a job after graduating and started working in Atlanta in August 2009. I loved working in the city... the lifestyle, the most incredible people, everything was amazing. But I hated the commute... seriously hated it. Nothing like waking up an hour early just to sit in traffic. My relationship with this city started becoming on and off. I would love this city one minute and hate it another. It wasn't until I moved into Atlanta this past April that the true love affair began.
I am writing this posting as I am looking out my windows overlooking the heart of Midtown itself, Crescent Street. Incredible view. Talk about some people watching, you wouldn't believe the hilarious things I see sometimes! My relationship with Atlanta and specifically Midtown itself has grown into (and yes I will say the dreaded L word) LOVE. The people, the skyline, the experiences, the restaurants, EVERYTHING about this city is amazing. I have met some of the nicest people in this town. It is one big city, but wow can you make it into such a small town as well. I sometimes sit outside on my patio and listen to the Sunday afternoon bands that play at some of the restaurants below. It's like the city is serenading me. Such incredible talent and music flows up to my condo and I am lucky enough to enjoy it from my patio! I never thought I could fall in love with a city, but as I look out over Atlanta, I take such a pride in being a part of the hustle and bustle of this town. I have come to be so thankful to live in such an incredible place with good-hearted people. I want to not only experience the amazing experiences that Atlanta brings to me but to become a part of this city itself.
So I challenge you to become a part of your city. Don't just experience and take advantage of the things that the city brings to you but bring something to this city. Make Atlanta your home. For example, next time you go to your favorite restaurant in Atlanta, don't just eat and leave, introduce yourself to the owner or manager and make a small neighborhood for yourself in this big town! Everything from the people to the food to the music to the hospitality in Atlanta is inspiring! I hope that one day you can experience this love affair with Atlanta, the city that I can now say will always be my home :)


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