Thursday, August 12, 2010

Midtown Review: Bliss Spa at W Midtown

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not happy. My nailpolish is already coming off my fingers. Unfortunately yesterday I decided to try out W Midtown's Bliss Spa for a manicure. You would think that a place like the W Midtown would be top-of-the-line, best manicure I have ever received in my life! At least that is what my perception was before getting one. I sat down at one of two manicure tables (which are facing a blank wall) to get my nails done. Considering the lady doing my nails didn't talk too much, I was left there facing a blank, white wall bored out of my mind. They could have at least given me something to look at (window, picture, magazine, hot nail guy, etc.). To my left was a long hallway which I am assuming is where other spa services were done. The other spa attendants who had nothing to do found it convenient to be extremely loud in the long hallway which echoed down to me. Yeah, maybe the blank, white wall in front of me wouldn't have been so bad if I could relax, but with the loud noises coming down the hall that was pretty much impossible. The manicure was simple. It probably took her 10 minutes to cut my nails and everything. She wasn't too detailed in her work. I left with my cuticles still needing to be cleaned after. She basically did "enough to get by" and maybe last the 10 minutes after my manicure, but nothing that left me with the confidence that my nails would look good after a couple days. She took FOREVER on painting my nails. And I mean FOREVERRRR! I seriously couldn't stare at that blank white wall for much longer. She literally would put polish on my nail and ALL the skin around my nail and then slowly with a cotton swab with nail polish remover on it wipe around my nail! I was like why don't you take the same detailed time with the actual nail polish and put it only on my nail?!?! Oh, and the cotton swab had cotton coming off of it so I had pieces of cotton on my wet nails. There is nothing like looking at your nails when they are being done and seeing something that is obviously wrong and hoping the technician notices it before it drives you crazy. But no, she never noticed the cotton pieces that were drying on my nails with the polish or the polish that was still on my skin surrounding my nails, or the fact that she had put so much nail polish on me that it started curling on the ends when it dried. And then for the finale, when she was finally done painting and then using the nailpolish remover on my finger, she just left. Left me sitting there staring at this blank white wall and told me to wait there while it dried. No water, no magazine, no nothing, no fan to dry them, just completely walked out of the room. Ummm thanks??
So if you haven't already guessed, I wasnt too happy. Especially since I payed $25 for a manicure that shouldn't have been worth more than $5. I'm going to stop ranting and save you the annoyance since I could probably make this blog go on for forever and ever about how bad it was. So there is my spill and my personal recommendation to take your money elsewhere.



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I so agree. I was staying at the W Midtown for the opening of The Spice Market a while back and strolled in this spa location. After staying in the store a while and no one even noticing me, I asked if I could peak in the spa. When I saw the manicure area I decided to save my money! Maybe it is the fact that they are kind of down in the dungeon. Please give me a call before you venture anywhere else! I don't want you to be unhappy. Best Pedicure I have gotten this year was in Midtown! The Four Seasons gave me one that shined and lasted forever! My nails were the most perfect shape and the shine was like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers! Take a look!

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