Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Midtown Review: Fat Matt's

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I've driven past this place 1,000 times and would look over at Fat Matt's and say "I bet that place is good, we should try it sometime." But I never remember it when it comes down to making a decision to eat. Of course, you think of the Atlanta staple restaurants or your go-to places when deciding where to eat lunch or dinner. So naturally, I would just forget about that little "hole in the wall" place that I have said I wanted to eat at on those 1,000 drive-bys. But this past week, I decided it was about time I give this BBQ place a try. It's not the "nicest and upscale" restaurant I have ever been to, but this place might just have the most charm. We waited in line (which was out the door) to order lunch! Inside Fat Matt's is this colorful dining area with live blues music carrying through the little restaurant. Their menu consists of the BBQ ribs, chicken, chopped pork sandwiches, and sides which include "rum" baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni and cheese (which is INCREDIBLE by the way), brunswick stew, and roasted peanuts.
Fat Matt's just might have become my new addiction. I ordered the combo which was 1/4 slab and 1/4 chicken. Don't judge, I can eat my weight in BBQ and sadly I wanted to order more after smelling the sweet BBQ aroma that was filling the restaurant. Lunch came out quickly and wow, I felt a pride come over me to live in the South when it landed on the table. The BBQ here is incredible and will be my go-to place for BBQ from now on. This place is a MUST when entertaining guests from out-of-town. Your guests will truly receive the southern experience and hospitality at Fat Matt's from the atmosphere to the people to the food. This place has it all.
So next time you drive past this place and say to yourself "I need to go there," just do it. Pull that car over and grab yourself a slab of ribs and a cold beer and feel the pride I felt to live in the South at Fat Matt's.
Fat Matt's is located at 1811 Piedmont Ave. NE Atlanta, GA 30324


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