Monday, September 20, 2010

"Plates On Peachtree" Tickets - Vote For Your Favorite Midtown Picture To Win

Monday, September 20, 2010
Last week I held a contest for two people to win "Plates on Peachtree" tickets at the Midtown Festival of Arts! Followers submitted pictures of their favorite things to do in Midtown for a chance to win tickets to "Plates on Peachtree". Below are some of my favorite pictures that were submitted from Midtown followers on Twitter for you to vote! You can email me at or write me on Twitter ( to place your vote! Let me know which number picture you like the best! Winners announced Thursday!

#1 - @CoryAnna - Chk out my fave lunch spot at Front Page News... :) Perfect for this BEAUTIFUL day!!

#2 - @LivingLargeLisa - Loving the great weather,majestic skyline and happy vibe at the sexy Hotel Palomar sky lounge!

#3 - @HiThisIsLiz - The best thing to do on @MidtownMile is to get glammed up to go dancing Saturday nights.

#4 - @GardenersGoods - I LOVE spending time in the new piedmont park dog park w/ my fiance and pup Molly.

#5 - @SoxPrincessATL - I love great food on the patio of marlows!


#6 - @VLights - Just opened my graphic design business at Colony Square.

#7 -  @ThePeopleSeason - A brunch of steak & eggs (then Bocce in the beautiful windswept court) at Empire State South

#8 - @ARBall - fave thing in midtown is #DogwoodFest and the ppl it brings, like this cute resident selling lemonade!


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