Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Midtown Review: YEAH Burger

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Do you ever tell yourself "ok this is my last taste.." and then you put your spoon down only to pick it back up two seconds later and say "just one more bite..."? Today I repeated that probably 10 times at YEAH Burger. I kept saying "Seriously, I'm more" only to find myself halfway down my milkshake 5 minutes later. Today I decided to check out YEAH Burger since I have heard nothing but good things about this place since it recently opened.
   Since I know a lot of my followers who read this travel to Atlanta on occasion, I thought I would give a general idea where YEAH Burger is located! YEAH Burger is located in West Midtown in the White Provisions area. White Provisions is one of my favorite little communities in Atlanta because it is so authentic and different (see the picture above). It reminds of an old warehouse district with a train running right through the middle under a beautiful brick bridge!
  I love a good cheeseburger. No crazy toppings or anything, just a good burger that is seasoned and made well. So today at YEAH Burger I ordered the basic cheeseburger. I decided not to do any toppings that they offer (even though they all looked really good) because I wanted to really taste the burger. I also brought my dad considering he is always on the search for the best cheeseburger (seriously... he will drive miles out of the way just to try a cheeseburger). And considering he is also a pimento cheese conoisseur, he ordered his two favorite things in the world; a cheeseburger topped with pimento cheese. As you can see, I failed to get a picture of his burger because he had already magically eaten half the burger before I even realized it. He didn't even speak for 10 minutes because his mouth was full.... talk about an entertaining lunch date of silence. But I can appreciate a good meal and let's just say he was realllyyy appreciating it. My burger was incredible and as you can see there was a plentiful amount of cheese on top which is my favorite. The burger was seasoned perfectly and full of soo much flavor! The onion rings and fries were killer as well!
  And the grand finale was my chocolate milkshake. I learned that YEAH Burger is one of a few restaurants in the country to offer milkshakes with both organic milk and organic soft serve icecream! I'm not a big sweet person so I usually only have a few bites of dessert and then I am done. But today was a rare exception, I finished the whole milkshake with the help of my dad. I think we both kept saying "you can have the rest I'm done" only to grab the milkshake out of the others hand and have a bite. And isn't it funny how before the milkshake came we were both leaned back in our chairs saying how full we were and couldn't have another bite of anything, but when this milkshake came you would have thought we had not eaten in days!!
  My only negative about YEAH Burger were the prices. A little steep for my taste. If you got a burger ($7.99...and thats with no premium toppings which are an additional $1 each) and fries ($2.49) and a milkshake ($5.49), your bill would be $15.97 for one person which is a little pricey for me. But their portions are huge and can be shared by two people and I highly recommend doing that! That makes the prices not so bad!
  So now I am off to the gym. I should have stopped the first time I said "no more," but considering I finished the rest off, I now owe the gym another hour...but it was completely worth it!

   YEAH Burger offers other options besides burgers as well such as grilled chicken breast sandwich, salads and hotdogs! See their full menu at

YEAH Burger
1168 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318


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