Thursday, September 30, 2010

Midtown Review: Facial at Exhale Spa

Thursday, September 30, 2010
This isnt the best picture, but it is the only
one I have taken since the facial earlier this
week. My skin looks great thanks to
Exhale Spa!
   I'm not normally the kind of person to get facials often. Every now and then I love a good facial that I feel "resets" my face and gives me a fresh start. So Monday evening I went over to the new Exhale Spa in Midtown Atlanta to get their True Facial with a couple add on services which focuses on transcending skin into the renewed glow of youth. Now I am a huge critic when it comes to facials. I especially am not happy when I leave a place feeling like I could have done that myself without the over $100 price tag. I like to know that I am getting a truly unique experience that is worth it and not just a simple cleanse and exfloiant with some hot air in between. Well a unique experience is definitely what I had at Exhale Spa in 12th and Midtown.
   Exhale has an amazing philosophy when it comes to skin care. Rather than just quick fixing the problem, they correct the cause. And they correct in ways that encourage the natural healing processes of the body by using light, vibration, electric energy and ingredients found in nature. They don't use chemicals, sand blast your skin or peel it away. I began talking with Crystal who was my esthetician for my true facial. She told me that Exhale believes a facial is a complete sensory experience.
     My senses were definitly stimulated! The facial therapy began with aromatherapy which calmed me almost instantly. I tend to hold my stress in my forehead and my jaws and the aromatherapy almost instantly opened and relaxed them both. She began with the cleanse using the IS Clinical Cleansing Complex. It contains Salicylic acid (white willow bark) to deep clean the pores and Chamomile to sustain a calming balance. After cleansing and examining the skin, she chose to use the add on service of a Sircuit Smart Peel called Youth Accelerator. It is a pumpkin enzyme peel (and smells amazing). This allows a smoother, brighter complexion and allows for corrective products to penetrate with ease. While the peel was working on my face, she massaged my arms and hands with a Kahina Argan oil and put them in a warm compress.
   After gentle extractions she applied a cooling mask from Actifirm called Active Skin Soother. It contains Shiitaki mushroom, aloe vera and cucumber. This mask produces a cooling effect after all of the stimulation from peel, steam and extractions. After the gel mask is applied, she used another add on service of the Cool Beam light therapy. The Cool beam light therapy machine is run over the entire face. Cool Beam is an amazing tool. It utilizes 3 different spectrums of light to correct skin conditions on a cellular level. Cool Beam produces results by killing the bacteria that causes acne, deflating under eye bags and dark circles. It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduces age spots and heals broken capillaries. At the grand opening event at Exhale, they did mini-sample facials with this Cool Beam and my mom became addicted. She actually could see a difference around her eyes! So I will be purchasing one of these for her for Christmas (and hopefully she won't read this post and find out).
   After a few more facial therapy treatments using IS Clinical Pro Heal Serum and Fixzit which is a blemish spot treatment, Shaffali orange blossum moisturizer was used on the remainder of the facial skin. This moisturizer provides restoration, nourishment and hydration. The facial then ended (unfortunately.. because  I could have layed there for days) with me completely relaxed and overly satisfied.
   Exhale Spa provided that unique experience that I was looking for. As you can see, this review was one of my longest to date because there was so much detail and time put into the experience that I couldn't leave out. This truly was the best facial I have ever had and my skin is still so clear and radiant. I truly feel like I have a new surface and a fresh start to my face!

Also on a side note, another nifty thing about Exhale is that they provide IPOD docks in the facials rooms so that you can bring your own music to listen to while you are getting a facial. A hip hop facial could be pretty interesting...

Exhale Spa is attached to the Loews Atlanta Hotel in 12th and Midtown
1065 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA 30309



Hi Shelbi, Tell your Mom I said hello and we must do a facial together one day! So glad you have jumped on the facial bus. You know I feel these experiences are essential! IS Clinical has some great products. Their eye cream gives immediate results. It's fun to just put some on one eye to see the difference, but of course the other before you leave the house! I hope to get to Exhale soon too. I have been in Europe for over two weeks and I have JetSetter Syndrome (aka a bad case of jetlag & wishing I was still on holiday(!

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