Thursday, November 5, 2009

Midtown Review: Uncle Julio's Fine Mexican Food

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unfortunately, I wish I had more positive things to say about Uncle Julio's than negatives. Personally, I enjoy a mexican restaurant that doesn't shout neon orange and green colors in your face to advertise it is a mexican restaurant like Uncle Julio's does. I usually enjoy the suttle, authentic, non-tourist mexican finds in the city. This place is located on Peachtree St. near Collier Rd. and you cannot miss it. Uncle Julio's is probably the brightest restaurant on the block. I went for lunch and was positively greeted by everyone including the bartender from behind the bar. This was very refreshing and welcoming. We were seated at a table that was wobbly, and instead of having to deal with the table moving during lunch, our waitress Carol reseated us without us having to complain or stuff napkins underneath one of the legs to even the table. Carol was amazing. She provided incredible service and attendance to our needs. I never had my drink glass or chip basket empty. This is definitely the positive of Uncle Julio's. Their service is astounding with even the manager walking around refilling glasses. I ordered the cheese dip since I personally consider myself to be a cheese dip connesuir. I usually order the white cheese dip as my meal with a couple tortillas for dipping. When the cheese dip came my first thought was thank God I only ordered the cup and not the bowl! The cheese dip (pictured above) looked like velveeta and rotel cheese dip, but tasted worse. It was way to heavy to dip a chip into, let alone a tortilla. I couldn't eat much of it without feeling sick. I ordered the chicken quesadillas lunch special (pictured above). It included fruit on the side as well. The chicken was very well flavored, but still was not the best authentic mexican I have ever had. Seemed like the dishes did just enough to "get by" without providing any special flavors or additions to the dish. The food did not nearly match the incredible service, so I would not recommend this place for Mexican food to anyone visiting Midtown. Uncle Julio's is definitely a "tourist" spot for those who don't know all that Midtown has to offer. Uncle Julio's Fine Mexican Food is just what the name says it is: just Fine.


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