Monday, November 2, 2009

Everything Midtown Atlanta: Intro

Monday, November 2, 2009
Wow, I can't believe I am starting a blog about my Midtown Atlanta experience, recommendations, and reviews. I never considered myself to be one of those "blog types" but with the overwhelming response from my Twitter account @MidtownMile , I decided this might be my next step. I recently graduated from Auburn University and got my first job in Midtown Atlanta at a real estate developer. While working in Midtown, I was exposed to the incredible events, food, and experience that Midtown has to offer. I decided to start a Twitter account for Midtown since I could not find one that focused only on the Midtown area's events and specials. It began as simply busy work, but as more people began to follow and found my information useful, I began to place more importance on it. I have learned so much in the few months that I have been on Twitter about the incredible uses of social media and what it can offer so many people. I hope this blog can be a continuation of @MidtownMile and will encourage everyone to come experience what Midtown Atlanta has to offer you. I encourage feedback about any restaurants, bars, or events that you want to hear more about, and any personal recommendations you can give to me since I have never blogged before! Looking forward to hearing from you!


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