Thursday, November 5, 2009

Midtown Review: Mint Salon

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am not one to get facials every few months, but after noticing the "Hawt on Yelp" special of 50% off facials at select salons, I decided it was the perfect opportunity! After reading the reviews of the different salons offered, I settled on Mint Salon in Midtown. This salon is set at the intersection of 10th Street and Monroe Dr. The Mint Salon is a funky looking salon from the outside with a vibrant beat of Midtown on the inside. It is hip, refreshing, welcoming, and entertaining. The only downside of my experience was having to wait about 5 minutes to be greeted, since the front receptionist was on the phone. But that is a small downside compared to the incredible experience I had. After checking in, I was quickly greeted by a young lady named Ania who did my facial. She made me completely comfortable and relaxed. I didn't feel like I had to "make conversation" throughout the facial as I have some other places when getting services done. She wanted me to relax quietly and use all of my senses to get the full experience of the facial. On top of the facial, Ania also massaged my shoulders and arms while my face rested under a warm towel and exfoliating face mask. After the hour long facial, she did not try to push any products on me or sell me anything I did not need. This is a big positive for me! I do not like when I go somewhere and they push unnecessary products that they think you need. It puts an uncomfortable pressure on me and often keeps me from going back. Ania did not try to sell me anything, and politely gave me her card as I left. My skin is now glowing and is incredibly soft! Ania at Mint Salon definitely did not just give me a facial, but an incredible overall experience as well.
Visit their website to see all of the services they offer!


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