Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who Is The Liar Now Hollywood Tans?

Thursday, February 3, 2011
So a couple weeks ago I was lucky and blessed enough to win a free airbrush tan from Hollywood Tans on Twitter. I emailed them and received a confirmation email that my technician would be in contact with me soon. Not long after I received a call from Tracy, my "technician".  I missed her first call since I was working, got her voicemail and preceeded to call her back to schedule my appointment....

Now, let me stop here and tell you about today, the day I scheduled my airbrush. I drove over to Hollywood Tans in pouring down rain for my free airbrush and boy was I excited. When I got there, Tracy was no where to be seen. I waited.... and waited... and waited.... and about 20 minutes after I kind of got the point she wasn't coming in (despite the front desk girls assuring me she was just in traffic). Now here is where I tell you, I wasn't even that mad. I even felt bad for the girls at the front for having to deal with this mix up. I was sure she probably was in a lot of traffic, or at worst, just forgot. No big deal. I even asked if I could just do a regular spray tan instead since I had purposely scheduled this airbrush for today because I have events to attend all weekend....

No big deal, I didn't get to tan. I could have cared less especially since it was a gift in the first place...... but then Tracy was on the phone with the front desk girl and preceeded to call me a LIAR and that she had never even spoken to me... now we have a problem...

So Hollywood Tans, apparently believing Tracy when she said I lied, would only let me get a spray tan for 40% off. Considering I am a member, 40% off my membership price for a spray tan is not so bad. But no, I wouldn't have my membership honored, I would only get 40% off FULL PRICE. Are you kidding me?? What happened to customer service? YOUR "technician" never showed up... I was there on time.

So Hollywood Tans, since apparently you think I lied, how would I know all this then?
1) All the procedures of the airbrush spray tan (especially when I have never had one before). This was explained to me by Tracy on the phone.
2) I originally asked her for a Wednesday airbrush but she told me she didn't work Wednesdays, which left me doing a Thursday.
3) When I felt bad about her having to come in on a Thursday when she wouldn't normally be there, she said that it was ok because she lived in the area.
4) I asked her if 5:00pm was ok and SHE told me 5:30 to make sure I could get there in time from my work.
5) Call records on my phone showing me calling her back and the call log being almost 7 minutes of talking. (but according to Tracy we never talked... hahahaha)

I hate having to write this. I have writing upsetting reviews especially when someone personally insults me. I pride myself on my honesty and my word and I would have thought, Hollywood Tans, that you would have prided yourself on customer service.



Hollywood Tans

Read your blog, and believe it or not I truly appreciate the feedback. While we want to read nothing but positives about our business, it's the negatives like this that help us strive to be better. And based on what you wrote, it's no doubt that we screwed up tonight, and for that I take full responsibility. I can't imagine how you would know all of that unless you spoke with Tracy (or another staff member), and I'm sorry I doubted you. I don't understand how the appointment wasn't booked in our online schedule, or why it was booked 2 weeks after I emailed you about the free airbrush, but regardless you were there with the expectation of a 5:30 appointment and we had nobody there to provide the free service we offered. I was also out with my family when I received the call about the situation, and didn't specify to the staff member that the 40% discount of course applied to the $20 upgrade you were entitled to (and still are) as part of your membership. Miscommunication after miscommunication, and you were the one to suffer, and for that I sincerely apologize.

None of us are perfect. We all screw up and have bad days, and apparantly as much as we strive to offer the best customer service (from our 10 promises to customers at to our thorough staff training and toll free customer service line that directly reaches the owner), Hollywood Tans of Atlanta is not above such blunders. Since we all make mistakes, I guess we can be best judged by how we react. I'd love a chance to make this up to you to change your opinion. As such, I'd appreciate the chance to talk, so call me anytime at 866-970-TANS (8267).


Jamie S.

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