Monday, February 21, 2011

Arden's Garden Opens New Location in Midtown

Monday, February 21, 2011
Arden's Garden recently opened their new location in Midtown Atlanta on the corner of Crescent Street and Peachtree Place.

"The way we make our juice reflects our beliefs about health.
First, we're purists. All our fresh juices and smoothies are made from fruits and vegetables, nothing else. No sweeteners, concentrates, purees, dairy products, or even ice.
Second, we use over 20 different fruits and vegetables to make our fresh juices and smoothies. From beta-carotene to phytochemicals scientists are continually discovering how fruits and vegetables help keep us healthy. We believe that making juice from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables maximizes these benefits.
Finally, we make all our juices and smoothies fresh every day from top-quality whole fruits and vegetables that we buy ourselves. We do not use any additives or preservatives to extend shelf life because that would sacrifice nutritional value. Therefore our juices have very short shelf lives and must be refrigerated from the moment they are made to the moment that they are consumed." - Arden Zinn

Try out Arden's Garden today!



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