Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Midtown Review: Entice A

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today I did one of my favorite things... went on a lunch date with my blackberry. Yes, just me and my blackberry. Catching up on some work and enjoying some great food with me, myself, and I is always a blast. Actually, my usual lunch dates, my dad or KT (@GoKTGo) couldn't make it to lunch. But when you put a new restaurant + free food in one sentence, I can't miss it. So I tried out Entice A (on Twitter @Entice_A) for lunch today to taste their delicious tapas. Entice A has an urban, after work martini feel to it. The bar is centered in the restaurant surrounded my tables as well as couches lining the walls. There is even a VIP area with couches to enjoy the pulse of the nightlife in comfort. They have a large menu of tapas that consists of spinach and asiago cheese dip with herb pita, sea scallops with mango rice, snapper escovitch with fried dumplings, sweet pepper shrimp with cheese grits, and blackened tilapia over mixed mashed potatoes. I ordered the ceasar salad, fried baby back ribs, and jumbo pasta with cheese (a very Southern combination). The ceasar salad was good but typical... nothing special about it. Good ceasar dressing with lettuce and parmesan. Nothing surprising. The baby back ribs were FABULOUS! Seriously, so good. They were tender on the inside with a deep crisp on the outside. And the sauce was so good, not to smoky but not to sweet... just right. Of course the cheese pasta was what I was waiting for the whole time (my favorite)!! And of course they brought that last, what a tease. (Why are the best foods in life made for the end of the meal... like dessert? Chocolate cake should be an appetizer in my book... why wait till the end of the meal?!?) But the cheese pasta was completely worth the wait! The cheese was still bubbling when it landed in front of me. Cheesy macaroni topped with light bread crumbs and cooked in the oven = heaven in a bowl! Everything was delicious, I only wish my stomach was larger so that I could try more (yes one of the few times in my life I will EVER wish that my stomach is larger).
Entice A will not be open for dinner till another month, but lunch will be served from 12-3pm daily.

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