Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Midtown Review: Spice Market

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today for lunch I tried out Spice Market in the W Hotel Midtown. This was my first experience eating lunch or any meal for that matter at a hotel when I wasn't staying in it. I never understood why people would eat at a hotel restaurant when they aren't on vacation or guests of the hotel. You would have to valet your car or park your car in the expensive garage, find your way through a huge hotel to just have lunch, deal with the array of hotel guests that you may run into, and many more reasons I formulated in my head as to why I would never eat a meal at a hotel when I am not staying there. So despite all of these premonitions, I gave Spice Market a try today. Once again, I took my favorite lunch date (my dad) to experience this sure to be adventure with me. We pulled up to the W Hotel and since my dad has one broken foot we did valet. The valet guys were great! When we told them we were just getting lunch, they said don't worry about the valet charge "we will take care of it." I love those words. We walked into the hotel and immediately noticed the large Spice Market sign. Surprisingly, the hotel was not crowded at all. No busy guests to have to weave through. We were pleasantly greeted at Spice Market and had incredible service. The manager Christopher Gunn was wonderful. He explained the menu to us and answered all of our questions! I ordered their Bento Box with the Chicken and Coconut Milk Soup, Market Green Salad with Radishes, Cherry Tomatoes and Sesame Seed Vinaigrette, Chicken Skewers with Lime Dipping Sauce, Vietnamese Chicken Curry, Brown Rice, and Green Tea Icecream. (Yes, ALL of this comes in one Bento Box! Ridiculous right?!) My dad ordered a Bento Box as well but with Lamb Satay with Sweet Soy, Salmon in a Lemongrass Peanut and Noodle Broth with Herb Salad, and Sorbet. Before the meal even comes they bring out these crispy tortilla lookin "chips" that are ADDICTING. It comes with this spicy tomato salsa stuff that is ADDICTING as well. Seriously I can't even count how many refills we got on this before the meal came. Our meal came out (probably after about a 15 minute wait) and looked delicious. To start off with, the Chicken and Coconut Milk Soup. Ok, you know from my previous posts that I am a REALLY picky eater.... so when I saw this on the menu I thought I would taste it to be nice, but it would be disgusting. So I tasted it, and LOVED IT. This soup had some of the most packed flavor in one spoonful that I have ever had!! The salad was interesting in a good way. Very different and once again LOTS of flavor packed into a small dish. The chicken skewers were spicy to me (but then again I think mild wings are spicy) but had so much flavor. And finally, I have never had a chicken curry that I have really liked. The flavor of curry is not one I personally crave, but the chicken curry at Spice Market was delicious and I ate ALL of it. Everything for lunch was PACKED with flavor! Lots and lots of flavor! It was so good! And to top of this perfect lunch, they had sorbet and green tea icecream for dessert served in cute little boxes. I liked the sorbet but my personal favorite was the green tea icecream! Seriously the best green tea icecream I have ever had. This is going to cause me trouble cause now I am going to crave it and want to walk over there for dessert... I wonder if they do green tea icecream to go orders?!? Overall the food at Spice Market surpassed my expectations and changed all my prior ideas on hotel restaurants. I would 100% recommend going to Spice Market for lunch...even when you aren't a hotel guest!


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