Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Midtown Review: PIE 950

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My excitement has been building and building about PIE 950 ever since I heard they were opening in Plaza Midtown. So FINALLY I got a chance to try them for lunch! Let's just say my excitement was at a high level (since pizza is one of my favorite foods) so my expectations were through the roof! I'll just start off by saying that I am so disappointed. I mean it was "alright" but it just could have been sooo good!! The restaurant itself is designed like an Italian Pizzeria and is beautiful! Two stories with spiral staircases bring so much life into this little pizzeria. PIE 950 has some lunch specials that they offer including one slice, pie salad and a drink for $6.99, or you can get two slices and a drink for $6.99, and finally you can choose to get one slice, pie salad, and a gourmet milkshake for $9.95. I myself chose the 2 slices of pepperoni and my favorite lunch date, my dad, ordered a meatball slice with the pie salad. We only waited about 10 minutes until are food came out! The "salad" (I guess that is what you would call it) was hmmm whats the word.... "Interesting" to be nice. Definitely not like any salad I have ever had before. I wouldn't order this salad again though. We each had one bite to try it, both shook our heads, and pushed it away. My pepperoni pizza looked very promising. The slices were all golden with cheese and thick cut, crispy pepperoni on top. It looked like a pretty picture.... just don't turn the pizza over! The bottom was pretty much burnt to crisp! What a tease.... The black "crisp" wasn't complimentary to the pizza at all! It was really hard to enjoy the flavors of the pizza when all you could taste was smoke. I'm hoping these were the only bad slices in the whole restaurant that just happened to land on our plates (yeah right). Other than the smoke pizza, the service was wonderful! Definitely great place to grab lunch if you only have a certain amount of time. We were in and out in 30 minutes (even though the pizza looked as if it had cooked for 2 hours). The menu looks incredible and if you are brave enough, even though not recommended, you can give this place a chance especially if you enjoy the taste of a smoky grill in your mouth.


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