Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pasta da Pulcinella Review

Thursday, February 28, 2013
To sum up what I am about to write: AVOID THIS PLACE. I am not going to go into detail about how rude their waitstaff is but it ruined our entire meal. No matter how good their food is, I doubt you want to get yelled at by your waiter when you leave a 15% tip in front of the whole restaurant. The waitstaff is disrespectful and does the bare minimum to serve you. After leaving a 15% tip (even after horrible service), the waiter proceeded to flick me off in the restaurant before yelling at our table. The manager who was standing only 2 feet away also chose to ignore his waiter's actions and never reprimanded him or apologized to our table.
You may look on their Facebook and see great reviews and think I am in the wrong. Well I had a feeling they erase any negative review they may have so I took a screenshot of my review. Sure enough, this morning my post is gone from their Facebook.

I advise you to avoid this place. You will enjoy your meal but the service will ruin it. Avoid bringing friends, family or visitors from out of town because you will be embarrassed by the waiters that you chose a place like this to bring the people you love...unless you like seeing the people you love get yelled at with insults.



Wow! Good for you and shame on them for such a horrific experience.


I just left a comment on their Facebook page with a link to this post. Nothing infuriates me more than awful apathetic customer service.


I agree Russell. It's a shame cause they have good food, but the service ruins it all!

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