Thursday, April 7, 2011

Midtown Atlanta's New Craze - Mobile Food Trucks

Thursday, April 7, 2011
Food trucks are extremely popular on the West Coast and are just now turning their wheels in Atlanta causing quite the excitement and buzz. The Yumbii food truck that focuses on Korean tacos was the first one in Atlanta to receive the first mobile food truck permit in August 2010. Since then, there has been non-stop chatter about bringing more of this craze into the city. So when I found out that a parade of food trucks would be heading to Midtown Atlanta every Thursday, I quickly cleared out my calender.
   I set out around 11:45am to explore the food trucks that were lining up in Midtown Atlanta. I quickly became filled with excitement as hundreds of people were walking up and down the Midtown Mile. This is what I have always envisioned as what Midtown could be. I felt like I was dropped in New York (with warmer weather of course) for the day with all the hustle and bustle that was happening here in Midtown Atlanta.
   We first walked towards 10th and Peachtree where food trucks such as The Pickle serving south of the border style dishes and Tamale Queen were parked.

We continued to walk down the Midtown Mile till we reached the Woodruff Arts Center where many more food trucks had parked to serve their dishes to the hundreds of people pouring in. Food trucks such as Yumbii which seems to be Atlanta's most popular truck to date, had a line all the way up to Peachtree of fans just wanting to get a taste of their famous Korean tacos.

Another notable food trucks appearing in Street Food Thursdays is Yum Yum Cupcake which is Atlanta's first licensed cupcake truck! Yum Yum Cupcake served up six different kinds of cupcakes ranging from chocolate cake with espresso butter cream to vanilla cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate butter cream (aka heaven). 

Since it was a rather warm day in Atlanta, Westside Creamery and King of Pop's proved to be two popular "cool spots" in today's food truck craze! Unfortunately, the woman in front of me got the last popsicle. So I guess I will be traveling back next weekend to get a taste of these popsicles!

Other notable food trucks included a hot dog food truck cleverly named "The Pup Truck" that served hot dogs with all kinds of toppings of your choice reasonably priced from $3.00 for a plain dog to $4.00 for a dog with all the fixings.

The final food truck was the Good Food Truck. They serve up a special type of creative street food using waffle cones and international rice crispy treats containing Southern comfort food mixed with Asian, Mexican, and Indian flavors. 

Quick Tip: Make sure to get out there early! The food trucks serve from 11am till food runs out and some of the trucks had food running out at 12:15!

Today just gave me a little "taste" of what Midtown could be for Atlanta and why street food carts could be the gateway for this. A vibrant city with so much buzz and action could be what Midtown provides for Atlanta. The Midtown Mile truly felt alive today and I was so happy to be a part of it.

Street Food Thursdays
-Every Thursday from 11am-2pm
-Woodruff Arts Center
-Corner of 10th and Peachtree Street

Support the Atlanta Street Food Coalition whose mission is simple: to campaign for safe, affordable, and legal access to street food in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding metro area.

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Thanks for the great review. I was wondering why that lady was taking pics of our menu! One blogger said our truck was ugly:) I think it is rather cute and clever too!

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