Friday, January 7, 2011

Midtown Review: Pasta da Pulcinella

Friday, January 7, 2011
I have been dreading writing this post because I am so disapointed. I tried out Pasta da Pulcinella last night after wanting to go there for SOOO long! Pasta da Pulcinella provided some incredible dishes at my "Experience Life on The Midtown Mile" event that was a few months ago. The bruschetta with fresh tomatoes was such a tease that ever since then I have been craving to visit the restaurant. Well last night, I finally got a chance to go over there.
Pasta da Pulcinella is a little ole house that sits in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. You have probably driven past it a few times without even noticing it. A lot of people see Atlanta as this huge city, but Pasta da Pulcinella is one of those places that makes it feel like a small town. It's warm and cozy inside this small house and you almost forget that you are surrounded by skyscrapers outside.

I ordered the special which was the cheese tortellini with chicken in a tomato basil sauce and thinking that it was a pretty simple dish, I figured I couldn't go wrong... WRONG. First off, the chicken was wayyy overcooked. It was rough, hard to chew, and verryyy dry. So dry, I almost wondered if it had been sitting out for a day or so. The tortellini tasted like they had cooked it that morning and sat it in the fridge all day and when someone ordered it they took it out and covered it with the hot tomato sauce. The tortellini was not soft at all, there is no way they could have cooked it fresh to my order. I will say that the tomato sauce was incredible and filled with lots of flavor. The sauce was so amazing that it managed to make me forgive Pasta da Pulcinella for the tortellini and chicken I was eating. I managed to eat the tortellini but ended up leaving most of the chicken on my plate since that was just wayyyy to dry to even attempt. Finally, I ordered the Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee for my dessert which was really good and made a nice closing to the otherwise forgettable meal.

I hate writing all this because I have heard soo many incredible things about this restaurant (even though a lot of my followers informed me Pasta da Pulcinella has recently gone downhill). I feel bad, I wanted to love this place so much but I just can't (insert sad face here).

Pasta da Pulcinella
1123 Peachtree Walk
Atlanta, GA 30309


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