Friday, December 3, 2010

Midtown Review: Deckard's Kitchen and Kegs

Friday, December 3, 2010
Now this is my kind of restaurant! When you walk into Deckard's Kitchen and Kegs you walk into this rustic atmosphere with beautiful wood floors and brick walls. It definitely sets the mood for your meal. The inside is incredible and they also have a great patio area as well.

Before having lunch, I asked some of my followers on Twitter what they recommended for me to get. My responses were mostly people that have never eaten there since it only has been open for a couple months. But I was recommended by @RestaurantsATL to get the onion rings so at least I had a start. As I looked over the menu, I saw soo many things I wanted to get. From the variety of steam kettles including shrimp and grits, beef goulash, and thai shrimp and scallops to their Farmhouse ham and cheese sandwich with gruyere, pit ham, and beer mustard, this place has it goin on! I ended up ordering their meatloaf sandwich which isn't normally on the lunch menu but I saw it on their website and pretty much begged (I know I'm lame). They were nice enough to give it to me with a side of macaroni and cheese. My dad, after much contemplating, ordered the fish and chips.

Onion Rings
Fish and Chips

Meatloaf with Macaroni and Cheese

To start off, @RestaurantsATL was 100% right! The onion rings were fabulous. That saying everything is bigger in Texas should be "Everything is bigger in Deckard's". The onion rings were huge and thick! These put every onion ring I have ever had to shame. Seriously these were so big I had to cut it with a knife to eat it. I mean have you ever had to use silverware when eating onion rings? At Deckard's you might have to. The "Everything is bigger in Deckard's" saying continued when we got our meals. The portions were huge and if you aren't crazy hungry then I encourage you to split a meal. The meatloaf was rich and full of flavor. The meat was moist, juicy, and perfectly flavored itself. The macaroni.... wow.... it might need its own blog posting. I could go on for days describing my new love affair with their macaroni and cheese. Not overly cheesy or greasy, but perfect. My dad loved the fish and chips and their hand cut fries. He said it was some of the best fish and chips he has ever had and that it had an abundance of flavor.

I could go on and on about this place because it was exceptional. This is my kind of place. I should have seen that coming with a name like "Kitchen and Kegs"... only a couple of my top two favorite things in life. There is nothing like discovering a new restaurant where you can have a great beer in an impressive atmosphere with even better food! Screw Texas, everything is definitely bigger in Deckard's - big portions, big taste, I can't wait to go back :)

Deckard's Kitchen and Kegs
650 Ponce De Leon Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30308


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