Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Midtown Review: Brunch at La Tavola

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Since I recently discovered that Atlanta is a brunch city, I decided to try out La Tavola for brunch this past Sunday morning. I'll start out by saying I am not a "brunch" kind of girl... or a breakfast kind of girl for that matter.  I never ate breakfast growing up and considering it is the "most important meal of the day", let's just say it didn't make my mom too happy. She couldn't understand why I could go to lunch time without eating. It wasn't that I wasn't hungry, it was just that breakfast food never appetized me that much. So brunch for me is something new and definitely something I could write off and quit doing if I'm not satisfied. But I decided to try out brunch at La Tavola in Virginia Highlands this past weekend. La Tavola is nestled in the heart of Virginia Highlands (one of my favorite parts of the city). Steps away from the hustle and bustle of Midtown, Virginia Highlands provides that small town feel with small town coffee shops and great restaurants. We sat outside on La Tavola's back patio which overlooks the lush greenscape and I almost forgot I was only 2 miles from Peachtree Street. I ordered the Housemade Challah French Toast with seasonal fruit and honey mascarpone.

My friend Christa was more in the mood for lunch so she ordered the Bruschetta with marinated tomatoes, spicy ricotta with an arugula salad for an appetizer and the Grilled Chicken panini with pesto, tomato, fontina cheese and a zucchini and tomato salad.

I was tempted to order lunch since breakfast has never been my meal of choice, but I decided I would go out on a limb. The menu has sooo many incredible options to choose from and I found it extremely hard to make a decision. I found myself struggling between their Pork Milanese with breaded pork scallopine, arugula-tomato salad, poached eggs, and the Chicken Sausage with potato, leeks, poached eggs and a spicy cherry pepper chutney, but I ultimately decided on the French Toast. I couldn't have been more satisfied with my decision. The french toast was incredible... seriously incredible. It wasn't overly sweet but perfectly sweetened with some fresh fruit and honey mascarpone to compliment it. I also got a side of eggs and bacon which were equally as tasteful. The side of applewood smoked bacon was huge and sadly I ate it all (it was that good)!

My friend loved the bruschetta and the grilled panini. She kept saying "I'm full, I can't eat anymore", only to find her sneakily taking another bite. Everything was amazing from the service to the atmosphere to the food. So if you want to enjoy a city brunch while also enjoying the simpleness and small town atmosphere that is Virginia Highlands, come on over to La Tavola. They just might have made breakfast my favorite meal of the day :)

La Tavola
992 Virginia Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30326


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