Friday, January 29, 2010

Midtown Review: Bakeshop

Friday, January 29, 2010

Yes, there is no other way to begin this review other than saying the Bakeshop is out of control! The Bakeshop is located on the Midtown Mile on the corner of Peachtree St. and 8th Street. You walk in and immediately notice the incredible design inside. It is essentially one large room, completely open to the kitchen where the bread is freshly baked daily. The Bakeshop has a comforting feeling about it where strangers become friends as the sitting arrangements are long wooden style tables that stretch from one side of the restaurant to the other. There are no individual tables, but instead everyone sits next and across from each other on a couple long "picnic" style hightops. Freshly baked breads, croussaints, muffins, bagels, danishes, cookies and scones line the counter as you contemplate which one to order first. They have a chocolate almond croissant that is to die for. I am drooling just thinking about it! I went there for lunch with my dad and ordered the grilled cheese with brie cheese on challah bread and there smoked tomato soup as a side. I am a fairly picky eater so getting a grilled cheese with brie on it was rather scary at first since it was a stretch from my traditional american style grilled cheese. But the brie grilled cheese was incredible and left me wondering how I had never had a grilled cheese with brie before! The smoked tomato soup was refreshing and comforting, and was a perfect compliment to the sandwich. My dad ordered the Roasted Turkey sandwich. This sandwich comes with avocado, romaine, tomatoes, turkey, and bacon on toasted country sourdough. The picture above of the giant sandwich is only HALF of the sandwich! Ridiculous right?!? Plenty for leftovers and was ohh so good! We then ordered one of their double chocolate chip cookies for dessert which, as you can guess, was huge as well. This place far exceeded my expectations and is dangerously delicious! The prices were all under $10 with the largest portions. To the employees- great work and welcome to the neighborhood! Thank you so much for providing a great place to not only enjoy your delicious treats (which I can tell you have put a ton of work into), but also for such a great ambiance and of course, for your welcoming smiles. So if you see me, and I've gained weight, at least you'll know why ;) ... I won't be able to stay away from this place! This is definitely a great lunch that you must pencil into your schedule to try!


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